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Jo Jones née Grant

Intro: Jo Grant

Jo awoke, heart pounding, and the fear from her nightmare still lingering. She'd dreamt that the Daleks had invaded, the Master was behind it, and she'd been desperately trying to protect Cliff from it all. But now all was quiet and she told herself it was just a dream.

Except - why was it so quiet? She opened her eyes to see an unfamiliar room. The air smelt recycled too, and she wrinkled her nose at it. Unless the past few days had been erased from her mind - which admittedly wouldn't be the first time - she'd gone to bed at home, in the Amazon. With Cliff - who now wasn't beside her.

"Cliff?" she called out, in case he was somewhere in the vicinity, but there was no answer. She was clearly not going to find anything out staying in bed, so she got up, and sucked in her breath when her bare feet touched the cold floor. But at least it was smooth and find to walk on.

A search of the room didn't reveal any of her clothes - or any other clothes. So she went out in her pyjamas. They were an old and fraying pair, but comfortable and warm. They had little Earths on them - they'd been a present from one of Cliff's sisters, meant as a joke, but Jo had liked them anyway.

She called Cliff's name again, once she was outside in the corridor, but she still couldn't hear anything except hum of the air conditioning. "Aha," she said as she came across a screen and read the message on it. "How do you log an enquiry?" she asked it rhetorically, and tried pressing a few buttons. "I need to know if my husband's safe." Once she was sure of that, then she'd worry about why she was here, where here was and what was wrong with the universe.

ooc: Jo comes from the present, so she's in her 50s.
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