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Intro: and her little dog too

"Come along K9," Sarah said. The floor looked smooth enough that even her dog should be able to manage them with no problem. She tucked her notebook into her bag, hoping the binary message would make more sense once she figured out what was going on.

Her head was finally starting to clear but she was cautious as she exited the room, her sonic lipstick at the ready.

"Which way, Mistress?" K9 chirped.

Sarah flipped open her watch and tried again to scan for lifesigns. Either there was no one else here, or something in the station was blocking it. "Left," she replied randomly, hoping that the latter was true. Abandoned space stations gave her the creeps. At least she had K9 to keep her company, and he'd already proved himself useful, confirming that she was on Mars in the not to distant future.

She followed closely behind K9 as he rolled down the corridor, staying close to the walls in case she needed cover.

K9 is an NPC. Anyone who has interacted with him on the telly can write his actions or dialog and as the game progresses, he may leave Sarah's side to travel with other people on the station.
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