Jo Jones née Grant (unit_girl) wrote in fractured_time,
Jo Jones née Grant

Looking for the etched door: for Gwen, Harry, Jo and Sarah

Continued from here for Sarah and Jo and here for Gwen and Harry

"That's why you're a journalist." Jo smiled. As Cliff's manager, being friends with a journalist was very useful, so she was glad Sarah was nosy.

She looked at where Sarah was pointing on the map K9 showed them. "A hub must be more interesting than a corridor." They all looked the same. Jo was getting bored of them and of being cooped up inside.

One un-etched door later, they rounded a corner and heard voices. They turned out to belong to a man and a young, pregnant woman with a Welsh accent. Which didn't help Jo's homesickness.

"Oh, hello," she said.
Tags: gwen cooper, harry sullivan, jo grant, sarah jane smith
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