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open rp; fast food

The Master had wandered away from the room he had taken as his own. He breathed deep, pinpointing the different people on the base and their locations, so far as he could manage. He thought he smelled something else that was rather familiar and sneered, making his way to the food storage area and opened one of the cupboards and grabbed an armful of food trays. The device the Doctor had made was helping but he could still feel that drain of energy, the hunger already starting to gnaw at him from the inside.

He didn't bother heading back to his room and crouched off in a corner of the facility, ripping open one of the packages and prying out the frozen protein packs, beginning to chew on the edges instead of waiting for it to thaw. The noise in his head, the signal, was deafening. He'd been able to focus on mental blocks while the bangle the Doctor had given him was at full strength but they were starting to weaken and crumble as his attention was divided again.

Growing impatient, he lashed out and threw one food tray away from himself, sending it skittering down the corridor. These took too long. So much easier just to find someone for a snack. He was tempted but then the Doctor would be upset and he'd be even more hungry. Deeming it unnecessary to sulk, even though he still was doing just that, he gathered up the trays around him before heading back down the corridor after the one he'd thrown away in a fit.

[EDIT/OOC: Apparently today is the day that I'm unable to type. Please be kind. I'm getting back into his voice.]
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