Captain Jack Harkness (quitehomoerotic) wrote in fractured_time,
Captain Jack Harkness

[Closed] for hofficoffi Like seeing a ghost.

"Yeah," Jack said, seemingly to nobody as he headed along another corridor. He was scoping out the base, trying to work out what was where and why. Knowing something would be a start and at the moment they knew barely that.

"Okay great. And you tried that storage bunker too?" he went on. His finger was pressed to his ear and a small device blinked away against it. He wasn't talking to himself of course, but Jenny on the other end of the communication device he'd set up, firing instructions and taking information for the impromptu little team they'd set up.

The corridor ahead was darkened. A small label above told Jack it was 'Storage Corridor 7' but then that hardly told him anything at all.

"Check back in with me soon," he said and pressed the button on the side, closing the transmission.

Gun at the ready, he headed off down the corridor.
Tags: ianto jones, jack harkness
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