Gwen Cooper (alien_catcher) wrote in fractured_time,
Gwen Cooper

[Intro] she used to know who she was

When she woke up, Gwen knew something was wrong.

Maybe it was the fact that Rhys wasn't beside her, but that wasn't terribly uncommon. He'd become more of the earlier riser since... Well, since everything had happened. But the absence of even a fading warmth from his side of the bed was enough to alarm her, and opening her eyes did nothing to quell her concerns.

Because she had no idea where she was. She threw back the blankets and sat up, staring down at her swelled belly and her knee-length nightie. It was the most comfortable thing she owned, but she suddenly felt vulnerable and uncomfortable in the strange room.

"What the bloody..."

Muttering to herself, Gwen stood up and snatched up the dressing gown she had abandoned at the foot of the bed the night before. Pulling it around her body, she wondered what she could have eaten the night before that would result in such a vivid dream state.

But Gwen wasn't one to idle around waiting to wake up. She didn't know where she was, or why, but she had every intention of finding out. Tying her dressing gown securely around her, she padded in bare feet to the door and down the hallway of this new, strange place.
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