Alice Carter (alicecarter) wrote in fractured_time,
Alice Carter

Fancy Meeting you Here ((Closed RP, Alice and Jack))

All things considered, Alice was holding things together reasonably well. She’d never lived out of her own time zone before, save a mediocre backpacking trip after uni. And yet here she was, in the future, on Mars. And she’d yet to do anything terribly foolish. She’d yet to do anything much at all, which was a bit embarrassing. Who would have guessed the being stuck on Mars would be so mind numbingly boring?

Leaving the quarters that she’d sort of commandeered for herself, Alice walked down the corridor, deciding to check the “not dead” list for the third time that morning. She wasn’t carrying any makeshift weapons. There didn’t seem to be much point. If whoever had taken her here wanted her dead, she’d already be dead.
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