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fractured_time's Journal

Fractured Time RP
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"A Time Lord doubly so..."

There is a theory that every choice we makes creates a new reality. Billions of universes are born every instant, each one a version of reality set apart from what came before. Only a very few people are even aware that such realities exist, and fewer still were able to travel between them. During the last great Time War, the doors between realities were locked and passage cut off, even as new universes were created with each second that passed.

In one universe there is a man who travels through time and space in a living machine called the TARDIS. He has lived for nearly a millennium: a life of simplicity and adventure, joy and tragedy, chaos and order. He calls himself the Doctor.

The Doctor has made many choices through many years. He carries upon his shoulders the weight and responsibility of all his people. But once, just once, he cast off that burden and stood as a god among lesser beings. Knowing full well that the consequences of changing a fixed point in time could be catastrophic, the Doctor nevertheless decided to save three individual lives from death on the planet Mars.

The choices we make can create universes. The choices a Time Lord makes can destroy them. When the Doctor made his decision to save Adelaide Brooke and her crew, he generated a crack in the essence of space-time. What once had been fixed was fixed no longer, and the crack spread across the surface of reality until, in the penultimate moment of creation, the lost Time Lords returned and shattered time itself.

And yet the universe is not without its defenses. At the edge of all things, in the darkest part of creation, the mending begins.

But the fracture was too great and reality was shattered into too many pieces. Mistakes are made. What was once a system bound by rules because a universe of chaos. A man wakes up in his bed in Bristol on Earth, in the year 1963, but when he steps outside he is on a planet lightyears away, halfway across the galaxy.

Only one point is immune to the effects: Bowie Base One, Mars, 2059. At the exact moment of the Doctor's choice the only remaining fixed event (besides Jack Harkness, but no rules have ever applied to that man) sits empty, waiting. It is then and there that those who wish to mend reality must gather together.

It is then and there that you find yourself...


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